About Us

Yuan Tai Xing Sdn Bhd (源泰兴有限公司) was founded by a young entrepreneur, Mr Leng Keh Seng in 1966 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

We started from just a small bicycle repair shop named Chop Guan Thye Hin then developed our first brand called GTH.

We have classified our brands to COMP, SCHWIN, ROCKEAGLE, and SWEETBABY to suit cyclists’ different style and different outdoor activities. In 2015, we were officially appointed to be the main distributor of Oyama bicycle products. Oyama is a highly regarded professional bicycle producer and folding bike specialist founded in Taiwan since 1966 with distributor network across the globe.


To promote outdoor environmental friendly cycling exercise to urbanites.


To ensure the right model of bicycles are used for the right cycling needs.


To adhere to strict quality measures to ensure its products are safe, suit and origin to their purposes.


Everyone can have a suitable bicycle without compromise the fashion and quality.